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Pedagogical Approach

In the last 4-5 years, huge changes have in the type of question asked in the exam. Now the focus is mainly on Analysis of contempory issues which are happening around us.mere rote memorization will be of no use and lateral thinking & holistic knowledge are key to success . the emphasis has shifted from, ‘what has happened?’ to ‘why it was happened?’ and ‘what will happen in future?’ Since both depth and width of the student’s knowledge are now tested, only a flexible approach to meet the evolving and demanding nature of the exam pattern. Our approach is to imbibe critical thinking through debates and discussions. We promote bidirectional communication in the classroom and encourage the students to share their perspective. Our endeavor is to bring conceptual clarity to our students through discussion and then dictate few which now can easily fit into the strong foundation. We encourage the students to analyze the issue from various dimensions and then help them to synthesize what they have analyzed so that a viable solution can be found. In short, we don’t merely teach but empower the students to think & learn by themselves. How to Pursue Excellence

We, RISING IAS ACADEMY believe that is no short cut to success. We have the strongest conviction that personal integrity is the most important component to achieve our goals. We act as a catalyst to facilitate and accelerate your journey towards the destination i.e. IAS officer. We will show you the path and illuminate the path so that your travel in the path is without hurdles. ONLY YOU, and YOU ONLY can reach the chosen destination, and taste the fruits of success. When your determination and indomitable will meet with our expertise and willingness to help, nothing can stop you from going to Mussorie (IAS training) or Hyderabad(IPS training).