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Advantages of beings a Civil servant

India is at crossroads and the next 20 year will determine whether we would remain a backward, feudal, poor country or will take our rightful place in the global pantheon of nations who will determine the destiny of human kind. Why next 20 yrs.? Because India has the youngest average age among the major countries. To make the best use of this demographic dividend, we must have a educated, skillful and healthy population. Young dynamicIAS Officers like ‘YOU’ will be the agents of transformation by implementing the various new programs on social sector development. This no double be a exhilarating , enthralling and liberating experience to be the catalysts of change.

The salaries &other perks of civil servants have increased after the implementation of 6th pay commission. An engineerwith a MBA degree can become CEOof a software company after around 30 year of service.This company may employ between 1-2 lakh people.but as an IAS officer, you will have the responsibility of improving the living standards of lakh of people in a district immediately after your training period of 2-3 year .what can be more challenging than this?