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Ravi Chokkaligam IAS Academy
Economic survey & budget classes starting on feb 5th. Comprehensive Environment and biodiversity module starts on feb 10th.

Ravi Chokkaligam IAS Academy

Prelims Foundation Course 2018

This course is starting on Nov 3 rd 2017. It will conclude in the first week of May 2018. It will have duration of 6 months. It will cover all areas of Preliminary Exam preparation ie, History, Geogr


Evert year there are 20-25 questions in Prelims and 10-11 questions in Mains Paper III ( out of 20 questions) from this major area Economy. Therefore mastering this crucial part of the GS syllabus is

Mains Current Affairs Jan 2018

This course will mainly focus up on Paper II and III apart from social issues in Paper I. The classes will be exhaustive and will cover all issues from June 2017. Since Time is not the premium at thi

Prelims current Affairs 2018

We understand that the students face a major problem in reading more than one newspaper a day. Even reading one newspaper takes more than 2 hours. After spending long hours, still they don’t comprehe

"‘’I took coaching in Rising during my 3rd mains attempt. It was an eye-opener. I learnt so many things about GS which are not taught in other coaching institute.’’ K. Rajesh, IAS (2011)"
"I qualified in my very first attempt thanks so the dedicated and personalized effort given by you and I am extremely thankful for that’. Ruchika Katyal, IPS (2010) "
"….helped me to build a altogether new perspective over international affairs and national social issues… covering the syllabus comprehensively Nidhi Nivedita (Rank 33, 2012) "
"‘’GS Coaching in Rising is stupendous, it changed my life’’ Anupam Saha (Rank 35, 2012)" "
"The Course is very good due to exhaustive coverage. It help me geeting more comfortable with full syllabus of G.S. Inayat Khan (Rank 176, 2012)" "

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+91 8447007118

+91 8447007118

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